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Streetfunk is a multi-award-winning dance company/school providing Streetdance and Hip Hop dance classes to everyone ranging from 4 yrs to 18yrs across Sussex. It was founded by award-winning JP Omari, who is widely known in the UK Hip Hop dance scene for his dedicated work in the community dance sector over the last 15 years. Although Hip Hop dance is at the forefront of Streetfunk’s activities, what is most important to JP are the qualities that make one not only a good dancer but also a decent, respectable and confident person through hard work, discipline and respect. In class, children learn the importance of these qualities alongside the ability to express themselves freely and have fun through dance.“We are committed to creating a positive lifestyle where Hip Hop dance is taught in a fun environment where discipline, hard work and respect are paramount. We stand against lethargy and cultivate passion and funk in every person.”

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Streetfunk's Patron

“Streetfunk does an amazing job working with young people from all different backgrounds and showing them how music and dance can have such a positive effect on their lives. It allows them to express themselves and feel free and energised through art. It helps to give them motivation, direction and purpose. It’s such an amazingly talented school with an infectious energy from talented choreographers and I’m so proud to be a patron!”