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Best Hip Hop Dance Classes In Brighton

Streetfunk is the South Coast’s biggest and most successful street dance school based in Brighton. Streetfunk teaches Streetdance and Hip Hop to over 650 students weekly with the core values of hard work, discipline, respect and having fun.

It has won numerous local and regional awards in sports and physical activities as well as for its contribution to the youth in the community and their achievements on a world scale.

The most talented and gifted students audition to be in one of Streetfunk’s successful crews. The crews compete extensively regionally, nationally and internationally. They have won nearly all the streetdance championship titles available – South Coast, South East, Southern, UK, European and World.

Streetfunk is about pushing and challenging yourself to be the best you can be. As has been noted, regardless of age, we all have incredible potential.

Through Streetdance, Streetfunk aims to unleash the potential in everyone to become the best dancer and person they can be!

“We are committed to creating a positive lifestyle where Hip Hop dance is taught in a fun environment where discipline, hard work and respect are paramount. We stand against lethargy and cultivate passion and funk in every person.”

Hip Hop Dance Classes In Brighton
Hip Hop Dance Classes In Brighton