Defiance are a young group of dancers (under 14) based in Brighton. They are, as their name suggests, pushing all the boundaries of streetdance and hip hop, working and sweating in every second of their training! They are taught by Machis Baboulene a young choreographer who grew up in the Streetfunk classes since 2008, now teaching many of them and running this crew. Defiance are highly competitive and work to win the competitions however, they also have a motive which lies in exploring the possibilities of group movement, always trying new things and working together to create a great spectacle. "Defiance are just crazy, the way they work and their personalities give me life and I love teaching every second with them."

(Machis Baboulene - Choreographer)

Join us! Email us at info@streetfunk.co.uk

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Machis Baboulene



  • Under 14 Novice UDO Swindon/Wiltshire 2020 

  • Under 13 Intermediate UKSDC – Harrow 2019 

  • Under 14 Intermediate Winter Wonder Jam 2019 (Swanley, Kent) 2019 

  • Under 13 UK Streetdance Champions 2018

  • XM Under 18 Intermediate British Streetdance Champions 2017 

  • XM Under 14 Inter / Advanced Kent Streetdance Champions 2017 

  • U.D.O. U14 Advanced Essex Streetdance Champions 2017 

  • U.D.O. U14 Novice South East Streetdance Champions 2016

  • U.D.O. Under 14 Novice Southern Streetdance Champions 2015

  • S.D.I. Under 12 Newcomer South Coast Streetdance Champions 2014