Fun, Tricks and Solo Artistry

Class Description

Join Streetfunk for our Fun, Tricks and Solo Artistry Class. In this class children will get the chance to freestyle, learn cool dance tricks, get the chance to roll/flip onto mats, have a disco, watch dance videos and further deepen their dance knowledge and ability. 


Please note, your child will need to attend both Streetfunk’s Hip Hop Foundation Dance Class plus this class to be involved in our dance shows plus our grading system, this is due to this class not having set choreography.


This class will also prepare your child for a freestyle performance at our monthly dance jams.  

Double Up?

If your child would like to attend 2 hours a week, they'll receive 50% off their second class. If your child is attending Minis, Beginners, or Intermediates we recommend doing a combination of our Hip Hop and Foundations dance class along with our Fun, Tricks, and Vibes dance class. 

Find out more regarding our Hip Hop and Foundations dance class by clicking here. 


We have this class running across 4 hubs hubs in East Sussex. Please click on the read more button to find the nearest location to yourself.