Streetfunk has been running for more than 15 years and we deeply care about the children we teach and the dance culture we promote. We recognise that children work well with praise and even better with rewards and something tangible that they can work hard to achieve. 


In the past, the children’s progression has been determine by age and at times not taking into account, how much more a child could be pushed and challenged to achieve more. With this in mind, we would like to introduce our grading system which we feel will bring a lot of excitement, motivation and hunger to all our students. This grading system was created go to alongside our syllabus and lesson plans to help students, parents and the Streetfunk community celebrate our students’ hard work, commitment and talent.


Each of our five levels - Minis, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Pro - has a colour to quickly identify it:


Minis - Yellow

Beginners - Red 

Intermediate - Green

Advanced - Blue

Pro - Purple


Each level has a number of criteria that the students must achieve before they are ready to move to the next level up. Each of these criteria now has a “badge” attached to it, depicting and describing what it is for. For example, the Minis have 9 criteria they have to fulfil before they are ready to move to Beginners.

All grading will be certified by your Streetfunk teacher(s) and pre-approved by 

the Institute for Contemporary Theatre.






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How will it work and when will this grading system start?

We will be holding informal assessments during class 2 weeks before every half term, with awards the following week i.e. December 2021, January 2022, March 2022, May 2022, July 2022 and October 2022.


The teachers will have the assessment criteria which they will be scoring your child against. During the last week of each half term, we will be rewarding the children with the badges they have achieved. All parents will be invited to attend their child’s class to celebrate the children and have a chance to see what the kids have been working on.


The first assessment will take place next month on the week commencing Monday 6th of December 2021. With awards taking place the following week from Monday 13th December. A reminder email will be sent nearer the time.


What will the children get?

Every child will receive a grading booklet which will outline all the badges available for all the levels. When a child achieves one (or more) of the criteria, they will receive a corresponding badge(s) which they can stick in their booklet. Once they have all the badges for that level, they will be eligible to transfer to a higher level class to challenge themselves more as dancers.


They will also receive one (or more) colour coded embroidered stars which can be ironed on their t-shirts! Imagine how proud your child will be wearing their stars on their t-shirts! They will have every right to show off the stripes (or stars!) they’ve earned!


Is there any cost attached to this?

Each assessment session will cost £5 which will be processed through Membermeister. 


We are so excited to introduce this new grading system to Streetfunk and hope that you are too! Our students deserve to have the whole community praise and acknowledge them! In a world that is dominated by “screens”, we hope that this new incentive will get your children more active, motivated and focused to work and dance to their full potential.  


Our students have the means and resources to become world class street dancers! We have proven it numerous times on stages at international events. Your child too can be world class!


Here’s to celebrating our young dancers and their forthcoming achievements!!

What if my child is ill or unable to attend?

If your child is unable to attend their class during assessment week, their Streetfunk teacher will grade them based on the past few weeks they've attended. If your child is new they can join in for the next assessment or have an informal assessment upon return.

What if my child attends more than 1 class a week?

You will only be charged once per grading / per child as the teachers liaise with each other if they both teach the same child to make sure their grading is accurate and fair.