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Hip Hop Artistry

The only degree route of its kind, Hip Hop Artistry is the most

current and innovative course in the marketplace today. 

Streetfunk is extremely proud to announce its partnership with the prestigious Institute of Contemporary Theatre (ICT). Streetfunk and ICTheatre will work together in creating a career pathway for young dancers to pursue their passion for dance (especially Hip Hop) and providing them with training and certification along their journey and progression. 


The partnership between ICTheatre and Streetfunk extends through to a BA (Hons) Hip Hop Artistry course. JP Omari has helped create the content for this course which will train dancers to become (and consider themselves and by the industry as) Hip Hop Artists. The course will teach the dancers about Hip Hop Culture, the various styles, Hip Hop Theatre and the business aspect of being a dance entrepreneur. The career choices this qualification will provide are limitless and will give young dancers the opportunity to pursue their dreams! 

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The course will be held in the fantastic facilities at ICTheatre’s Circle Studios which has six large dance studios, fully equipped to deliver their performing arts courses to the highest possible standard. This includes sprung flooring, wall mirrors, keyboards, digital equipment, sound systems, mac suites, motion capture suites, 2 performance pods and a fully equipped 200 seat theatre.


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For more information on ICTheatre and the course they offer, please go to

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