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The Streetfunk crews have been running since 2010.  During that time, the crews have amassed South Coast, UK, European and World Streetdance Championships titles and trophies.


Before the pandemic, Streetfunk had 3 youth crews - Kriticool (Junior Crew), OriGen (Senior Crew) and Demo Squad - an Eastbourne based crew that had newly joined the Streetfunk Family.


The pandemic brought about a new opportunity and we combined them to form a super crew - K.O.D

This crew is made up of talented under 18 dancers from the South Coast from Bognor Regis to Hastings. 

The crew is trained by award-winning dancers and choreographers - JP Omari, Monique Matthews &Munya Muchati.


K.O.D. train hard weekly and will compete extensively in the UK and abroad. 



Do you have what it takes to train and challenge yourself to become the best? If you are interested in joining K.O.D., please contact us at

OriGen: About


OriGen: Classes
Munya Muchati
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