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We are Novalux, Streetfunk's over 18 crew based in Brighton. We are a hardworking team of dancers and choreographers striving to take over the dance world with our passion, determination and commitment. "Novalux is a family. Everybody is on the same page and we all share the same goals. Over the years we have developed and improved massively and I’m so proud of what we have become" - Monique Matthews (Choreographer)

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Novalux: About
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Monique Matthews


  • Over 18 Intermediate UDO Swindon/Wiltshire 2020 

  • UKSDC – Over 18 , Harrow 2019

  • Over 18 Winter Wonder Jam 2019 Swanley, Kent 2019

  • U.D.O Over 18 Beginner East Sussex Streetdance Champions 2019

  • U.D.O. Over 18 Beginner / Novice Essex Streetdance Champions 2018

  • U.D.O. Adult Intermediate South Coast Streetdance Champions 2017

  • S.D.I. Over 18 Closed South Coast Streetdance Champions 2015

  • S.D.I. Over 18 Newcomer South Coast Streetdance Champions 2014

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