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Outta Puff Daddys

The Outta Puff Daddys (OPD) are a dance crew from Brighton, UK. Originally established in 2012 by JP Omari and now lead by Paul Jukes (since early 2020) the OPD create fun dance routines that embrace the humour of ‘Dad Dancing’ to entertain and create joy to all those they perform to.


The OPD range in ability, age and professions...but there’s one thing they all share - a passion to dance themselves happy! During the pandemic their social media amassed thousands of followers, across the globe with millions for views. They now use their profile to promote the importance of both men’s mental health and prostate cancer awareness - encouraging men to talk openly about their problems, to seek and ask for help when needed and for others to listen without judgement.


The OPD mission is to keep spreading joy, positivity and awareness of their campaign messages…all through to power of Dad Dancing.


You can follow their journey on Instagram and TikTok, just search: Outta Puff Daddys


For media, performance or public speaking enquiries please email: 


Dad Dancing has never looked so good!

Mums Da Word: About


Paul Jukes


  • Performances across Brighton including the annual Streetfunk ‘Straight Up’ at the Brighton Dome.

  • TV appearances on BBC Breakfast, BBC South East, ITV Meridian and even The Greatest At Home Videos on CBS.

  • Radio interviews on BBC South.

  • Raising positive awareness for men’s mental health and Prostate Cancer UK.

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