Custom Streetfunk T-Shirt

Custom Streetfunk T-Shirt


Looking for something personalized for Christmas? Our Streetfunk custom t-shirts are a great way to spread the DANCE - ENERGY - FUN! Order yours today in time for Christmas! 


Customize your t-shirt through our large colour options and a name/nickname on the back.


Good to know...

We will be sending all our T-Shirts to the printers together as bulk on the 6th of December, from here it will take approx 2 weeks for the orders to be fulfilled and shipped! Just in time for Christmas. 


Please note all t-shirts can be shipped in the UK for a postage fee of £3 per item.

  • Care Information

    Please note to wash your t-shirts inside out and on a low heat setting. We do recommend putting the t-shirt inside a protective bag or pillow case for extra protection to prevent scratching of the vinyl. 

  • Returns

    We cannot offer any refunds or exchanges once the items have been sent to the printers as the items are custom. Please call us for any immediate changes to the order (we will try our best to accommodate) on 01273 308 525. If the item arrives with any faults please contact us for a replacement (please note we can only replace the item if told within 14 days of receiving the item, and once we have accessed the damage to the item).