Streetfunk Sponsorship Programme

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The Sponsorship

Streetfunk is a multi-award winning Hip Hop dance school which teaches Streetdance to young people across Sussex.

Streetfunk has teamed with Teddy Treats who are eager to sponsor and support a number of young people to dance and be part of Streetfunk.


We invite applications from young people aged 17 and under, by their parents/carers or a supporting teacher or mentor. We are looking for enthusiastic and committed individuals who live in the city and have a passion for Streetdance.


Thank you to everyone who completed our Sponsorship form by the deadline. (6/9/21)

We are currently reviewing the applications and will be in touch by the 14th of September. 

Thank you


A huge thank you to Teddy Treats for supporting young people with amazing dance opportunities.

Visit their website HERE

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